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AURA Business Center
blvd. Partizanski Odredi 14, Skopje,
North Macedonia

+389 2 322 4582

Glitch Agency, an IWM Network company

Glitch and its logo are registered trademarks. Est. 2011.
Some Rights Reserved.


is about this diverse pack of
creative fanatics, super-talented
digital artists and mad marketing
scientists working in creative density of zillion
bits per idea; trying very hard to invoke the spark
that makes your brand stand out in this very busy and
buzzy world.

We would like to see your brand be special: like the
cherry on the pie, like the lonely tree in a desert,
like a static in a boring TV show. Glitch is not
about breaking conventions, it’s about
challenging them and setting new
grounds, properly pixelated
and suitable for sales